AC Tune Up


Just like any automobile, your AC also needs regular Air Conditioning Tune Up to keep it run smoothly, effectively and efficiently. An air conditioning unit works relentlessly to make you comfortable throughout summer. These units are exposed to dust and dirt and are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. An air conditioning unit requires fluids and lubricants to keep it running smooth. A recent statistics has showed that 55% of the AC owners do not opt for regular tune up services, which otherwise would have made their system work efficiently and reduce energy bills. This is where you have to contact us for regular tune up services.

Why does your AC unit need tune up services?

*Small problems can easily be identified and rectified.

*Ensures that the unit is functioning at optimal efficiency.

*Lowers energy bills.

*Helps you save money in the long run.

When you should go in for a tune up service?

Get the system tune up just before summer. During the winters, the system would have worked and would have become rusty and kinked up. We offer the following 13 point Air Conditioning Tune Up services:

*Calibrate and set thermostats at comfortable level.

*Clean and set filters.

*Check the volts/ amps of fan motors.

*Lubricate bearings.

*Clean ducts and keep it from algae.

*Check condensers coil.

*Check refrigerant.

*Check safety devices.

*Check wiring and installation.

*Check capacitors and fan blades.

*Clean ducts and wills and remove dust and debris.

*Check supply/ return air.

*Check compressors.

A regular Air Conditioning Tune Up will help you identify and solve many problems that may become problems of high magnitude later on. If you are interested in tune up services that will ensure comfort, energy savings and Save you lots of dollars.


AC Installation



Most of you are aware of the fact that by installing a new air conditioner you can increase the comfort level of your home and bring down energy bills to a great level. The markets are flooded with highly efficient air conditioners that can offer 30% more efficiency than the older systems that were installed some years ago. The best thing you can do is to choose a good branded system, and contact an efficient and ethical service provider to install it. This is where we come into picture. We install new branded, energy star rated system to increase cooling efficiency and keep your home comfortable during the hot and humid summers.

The processes that we follow:

*Using manual S we find out which AC unit size will fit your home.

*Our NATE Certified technically will install the unit with the utmost care.

*The expert technicians will then do final tune up services.

*They also check That all the wires are connected properly.

The following are the benefits of contacting us for all your air condition installation needs:

*We provide Energy Star certified units. These units are environment friendly and energy efficient.

*We provide AC units with High SEER Rates. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. We provide units that have 15 to 20 that help to save energy.

*We provide AC units that operate noiselessly.

*The units that we offer are extremely durable and can brave rough weather.

*They are equipped with environment friendly refrigerant called Puron.

*We offer all brands like American Standard, Carrier, Lennox, Rheem, Comfort maker, Trane and Bryant.

Are you searching for an AC Installation expert? Choose us because:

*We have expert technicians who make sure that AC installation is done perfectly.

*We assure the best services that are done in a professional manner.

*We offer prompt services.

*We are never careless in our approach.



AC Maintenance



An air conditioning unit demands regular maintenance services to run smoothly and efficiently. Your AC might be running, but is it running efficiently? Are you getting high energy bills? This means that your AC unit needs maintenance services. The same way, regular air conditioning maintenance of the system will lengthen the life of your equipment and lower energy bills. We offer the maintenance services to keep you AC unit fit and fine.

The benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance:

*Improves efficiency of the unit.

*Lower energy bills.

*Increases the life of the air conditioning unit.

*Reduces break downs.

*Increases reliability of the system.

*Prevent high repair costs.

We offer the following services:

*We perform an inspection to find out the efficiency of the units.

*We offer priority services to customers.

*We do seasonal tune ups we provide tune up services twice a year.

*We provide AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract).

*We give $1000 instant rebate for a complete unit form American Standard.